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Tropical ruffle blouse

When I was little, I would carefully save the Easter eggs that were too pretty to unwrap. They would stand in my cupboard for ages and ages until finally I would give in and nibble on an ear.

I think my approach to this fabric has been a bit similar. But with summer now palpably in the air, I felt like I could take the plunge and put scissors to it.

An easy, breezy summer top was the order of the day, so I chose to make the Burda Flounce Blouse #124A (06/2016). I left the very bottom layer out when I constructed the pattern, partly because I didn't have quite enough fabric and partly because I wanted a more mod, cropped look. I finished the edges with a small rolled hem which adds beautifully to the flounce effect.

Tropical ruffle blouse

I found that the sizing was quite generous, which means the straps sit a little too wide for my liking. Not really complaining, I think the overall effect is good and the small niggles could have been avoided if I'd made a toile first.

The pattern calls for elastic in the back but I forewent that option and just did a simple gather. The top is big enough to get over your head so I felt that stretch wasn't necessary, and the fit was snug without the elastic anyway.

Back straps

Well, there we are! Can't wait to float off to the beach in this one!