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Things to make out of old t-shirts

Here's a tutorial that will teach you how to turn a couple of old t-shirts into some fun and quirky cushion covers.

1. For this tutorial, all you need is a few old t-shirts, some cushion inners and a sewing machine.

Old tees and a cushion inner

2. Turn your t-shirt inside out and sew up the bottom edges.

Pin the lower edge

3. Place your cushion on the shirt, carefully lining up where you want the motif to be centered on the finished cushion. Leaving a little room on the sides for seam allowance, cut the sides of the t-shirt away.

Trim your tee to size

4. Now you have a long strip of t-shirt with a seam in the middle. Finish both raw ends neatly by folding the edges over themselves twice, and top-stitching.

Double fold the hem

5. Wrap the strip of fabric around the cushion, right side facing in, overlapping the two ends at the back. Pin the overlap in place and slide the cushion out. Now, sew up both open edges.

Fold tee over the cushion

Pin in place

6. Turn your cushion cover right side round and pull it over your inner. You should have an overlapping cushion cover – easy! No buttons or zips required.

7. And there you have it! A great use for those old t-shirts that you just can't part with.

Complete cushion covers