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The perfect rolled hem

I was recently tasked with making a small pocket square to go along with a bow tie. A classy complementary accessory, of course. But I only had the tiniest scrap of fabric to make it happen. So, what to do when size really does matter? Sew the tiniest of hems to match, and maximise on centimeterage. Enter, the rolled hem.

This nifty little machined hem relies on a sewing foot that folds the fabric you're working with back on itself twice to conceal the raw edges. Sarai from Colette Patterns takes you through a lovely, comprehensive step-by-step rolled hem tutorial that I highly recommend. It's the first time I've ever tried out this kind of hem, and it came out perfectly by following her instruction.

Rolled hem

The success of this tiny little hem had me beaming, it is just so satisfying to sew! I was sewing with a quilting cotton, and the rolled hem foot handled the fabric very well, as I'm sure it would anything more lightweight. A very heavy fabric wouldn't be a good choice for this hem (which is a pity because it is the best gosh darn hem in the world).

Matching pocket square

So now that I've thoroughly geeked out about my latest discovery, you should give it a go on your next project. I feel like never sewing another kind of hem.