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Summer Holiday Holly Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is the cooler cousin of the summer frock. Effortless, stylish and edgy. It is always worth the more complicated trips to the bathroom. The Holly jumpsuit from By Hand London is no exception. It delivers in every respect.

I got down to tracing off the pattern this holiday. One cannot take a vacation from sewing. So on a hot December family getaway to the Drakensberg, the beloved sewing machine made the trip with us, alongside cries of "Careful over the bumps!"

Fortunately, the machine arrived unscathed. I had a printed rayon that was just dying to be transformed and at only 1.2m cut length (150cm wide) I was a little nervous to see if the pattern would fit on less than the recommended 2m. I just managed to squeak in all the pieces for the button-down playsuit – including facing and pattern matching! Needless to say I was quite chuffed.

I used the purple buttons I picked up at a second-hand shop for the button front.

Emmanelle vintage buttons
Printed rayon

This pattern went together like a dream. Beautifully illustrated and super clear instructions make the Holly jumpsuit a lovely to follow.

And I am so impressed by the fit. By Hand London describe it as figure flattering and snug on the butt. That is most certainly is. It can be really tricky to strike the balance between shorts that are snug and sexy while still being comfortable and reassuring. Here, Holly triumphs. She hugs your curves, skims out over the thighs and makes you feel like a babe.

The only adjustment I made to the garment were two small pleats in the back neckline over my shoulder blades. I have a slight back, and the neckline was just a touch too roomy.

The ultimate satisfaction was stitching in the little sew-in label and slipping it on. What a pleasure!

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Holiday jumpsuit