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Sparrow sewalong: joining the bodice and skirt

In the last installment of the Sparrow sewalong, we put the lining into the bodice. Today I'm doing a super-quick post to show you how to attach the bodice to the skirt.

Joining the skirt pieces

Finish the side seam edges of both your front skirt, and back skirt pieces. I usually favour a quick overlock for the convenience, but a regular zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine does the job just as well.

If you go for a zig-zag overcast on the edge, set the stitch length quite small and the width quite wide. Then play around on a few scraps until you get just the right effect. I actually opted not to finish my edges as the velveteen I'm using doesn't fray at all! Yay!

Place the skirt back right side up in front of you, then match the skirt front pieces all the way along the side seams. Pin in place and sew, stopping at the slit markings.

Match the side seams

Press the seam allowances open. The seams are slightly curved around the hip area so it can be helpful to spread the seam allowances open on a tailor's ham to get a better press.

Press the seam allowances open at the slits, too. We will get to securing these later.

Press the slits open
Attach the bodice

Place the bodice self in front of you with the right side facing up. Match the skirt piece to the bodice along the waist edge, with right sides together.

Check that the side seams line up neatly. Pin the darts so that they fold towards the sides of the garment, and make sure the seam allowances lay flat and open.

Keeping the lining well out of the way, pin in place and sew the waist attachment seam.

Match the waist

Press the seam allowances up toward the inside of the bodice. Trim and grade the seam allowances all the way along the waist attachment to reduce bulk, just as we did when we lined the bodice.

Grade the seams

Short and sweet!

That's all for today! Share your pictures on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtags #sparrowwrap #sewingsparrow #sparrowsewalong and #afternoonpatterns