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Sewing patterns: the next step for Afternoon

Big news! I'm branching out!

Over the past year, I have had the best time snipping and stitching, and telling the Internet about it. There's such a vibrant community of makers and doers, movers and shakers, crafters and stitchers out there. It's hard not to be inspired.

But the more blogs and magazines I've read, the more I've realised that the resurgence of the crafting and sewing community is much more prevalent on international shores. The culture of making is oddly under-represented in South Africa. It needs to be spoken about again, nurtured a little, coaxed out of the sewing boxes of our grandparents and remixed back into our lives.

So I've been tinkering away on my first sewing pattern, which will be available in the shop within the month!

I'm really excited about this new direction, not only because I love to make patterns, but also because I think it addresses so many aspects of the fashion industry that I've become jaded with. I'm tired of seeing people trying to fit into clothes, instead of having their clothes fit them. And I'm tired of the fact that clothing has become more and more about consumption, and less about creation.

We're encouraged to love local, and buy local, and that's something I'm totally behind. But I think we can add to that. We can make things too. And that has the power to boost our skills, our confidence, and our economies. Making really is that empowering.

So dust off your sewing machine, get down to the fabric shop, and get inspired. I'll try to provide some sewing patterns and guidance to match.