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Sewing and self-love

One of the beautiful things that sewing can do is help you fall in love with you. This month, as we celebrate love in its many forms, here are 5 reasons to fall in love with sewing... and then yourself.

1. You're okay

No, really, you are. Learning to sew gives you the strength and perspective to know that you're okay the way you are. You make the rules. Fabric and thread will bend to your will. Space for bum! Room for thighs! It's pretty empowering stuff.

Sewing your own clothes means that you don't need to fit anyone else's idea of size or beauty because you determine that for yourself.

2. You can do it

Sewing awakens you to your own capabilities. Trying something you find intimidating (like making your very first dress!) makes you that little bit braver. It gives you the guts to just go for it. Sure, you might make mistakes but we can learn from those. There really is nothing to fear about failure.

3. Perfect is over-rated

Sewing teaches you to embrace imperfection. Sometimes I make something doesn't fit well, or looks shit on the inside, or seems less accomplished than a shop-bought dress. But I know that it will be better next time. Believe me, we are all our worst critics. Don't be too hard on yourself.

4. You do you, boo

Sewing celebrates our diversity. It gives you the tools and confidence to build your own, totally one-of-a-kind wardrobe that fully represents who you are. And there is nothing quite like being able to say Damn straight, I made it myself!

5. Show you care

Right now, clothing is made for a throw-away culture. The love and effort that goes into making your own clothes sensitises you to the process of creation. It truly makes you appreciate what you wear everyday, and the people that sat at the machine to make it. I really think that there is little more valuable than seeing your place in the world, and realising that you really can make a difference, no matter how small.