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Intro to Menswear: the tailored blazer

Earlier in April, I set about making a blazer for Nick from pattern 6872 by Burda Style. After cutting out all the pieces, it lay dormant on my table for a while until an occasion arose that it just HAD to be finished for.

A bit of urgency does wonders for the productivity levels. I happily stitched and pressed my way through this project, mostly blissfully unaware of how notoriously tricky it can be to make a fitted jacket.

I usually work from patterns supplied in the Burda Style magazine, but this time I actually bought the printed pattern from my local fabric shop. For that, I was really grateful. The instructions are beautifully clear, and the illustrations help a lot when your brain just can't wrap itself around the words on the page.

The adjustments that I made to the garment were small, and could definitely have been easily avoided if I had done a toile first. I reduced the neck to shoulder measurement when I set the sleeves, and I also slimmed out the width of the sleeves.

Overall, I'm really happy with how the jacket came out. The wool blend suiting is quite lightweight and while lovely to work with, is slightly on the flimsy side for a first try. It has a slight "first-attempt" look about it, but it's totally wearable. Plus, the pop of Liberty art silk for the lining adds a cool, special touch.

I set the bar high on this one, but I think it's safe to say I've cleared it... just!

Finished Burda men's jacket

Pocket detail

Sleeve placket detail

Back vent

Jacket lapel

Jacket front

Jacket lining