Afternoon patterns have been discontinued. Last few pins available on the online store.

How to use a PDF sewing pattern

Digital sewing patterns are PDF documents that are immediately available for download and printing at home, which means more sewing and less waiting for the post! There are a few things to keep in mind about using a pdf sewing pattern, which I will take you through here.

How will I receive my pattern from Afternoon?

After you check out, you will receive a direct download of your pattern. That's it. You simply save the file, for printing at home, at the office (naughty!) or at the copy shop.

If you have to navigate away from this page, or close it by mistake, never fear! You will also be emailed a download link for your sewing pattern purchase. So, when you're filling out your details, just make double-sure you type in the correct email address.

In the email you receive, click on the download link, which will open up your web browser to view your files. You will have three attempts to download the files, so if you plan to reprint later, make sure you save your pattern!

How do I use my pattern?

At the moment, Afternoon's patterns are designed to print on A4 paper only. When you print, please select "actual size", "scale to 100%" or "turn off scaling". This is a very important step so that your sewing pattern is printed at the correct size.

Once printed out, cut along the frames and assemble the pieces row by row, matching A1 to A1, A2 to A2 and so on, keeping in mind that A is the top row, B is the second, etc.

Match the triangles

Once they're all in order, tape the pieces together, snip the pattern out and you're ready to start stitching.

Cut the pattern pieces

Lay out on fabric

And this was the final outcome!

Amy skirt