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Cali sewalong: sewing the skirt

Joining the skirt and the bodice

It’s a quick one for today. Last time we got to grips with bias binding and finished our bodices. Now for just a little bit of sewing to get your mind off the realities of the week!

Sewing the skirt

Pinch the dart markings together at the waistline and pin. As you sew, gently taper your line of stitching out towards the point of the dart. You will sew two darts on the skirt front piece and one on each of the skirt back pieces.

Pinch dart

With your front skirt piece right side up, place both back skirt pieces right side down, lining up the sides. Sew the side seams and press open.

Using your iron, gently press the darts towards the side seams.

Press the dart toward the side seam

Joining the skirt and bodice

With the right side of the skirt up, place the bodice right side down on top, matching the waistline. This may look a little confusing as the bodice is essentially upside down but that’s okay!

Pin the bodice and the skirt together at the waistline, taking care to match up each dart and side seam. Sew along the waist edge to join the bodice and the skirt.

High five

Well done! This is really starting to look like a dress. Now you can try it on and get an idea of fit. It’s a short one today because next time we’ll go more in depth when we set our zips. If you're ready to forge ahead now, delve into the next step.

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