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Amy sewalong: setting the pockets

Getting started and sewing the pockets

Now to get stitching! If you haven't sewn in a while and need a refresher on how to wind your bobbin and thread up your machine, have a look at our quick YouTube videos below.

Sewing the pockets

Start with your front skirt piece facing up. Take your pocket piece and lay it, face down, onto the front skirt, matching the placement lines.

Pocket placement

Sew a line of stitching in between the placement lines. Do this for both sides of the front skirt piece, as well as the two back skirt pieces.

Sew between the lines

Use your reverse lever to backstitch a little at the start and end of your stitches, just to make sure that nothing unravels.


Note that the top of your skirt and pocket are separate. This is totally okay! In fact, it's like this so that the pocket piece doesn't add too much bulk along the waistline later when it comes to gathering the skirt.

Leave the top free

Flip your pocket piece out to the side of your skirt front. The right side of the fabric is facing up towards you.

Flip the pocket out to the side

Matching the right sides of the fabric together, lay your back skirt piece down onto the front skirt, lining up the side seams and pocket edges.

Match right sides of pocket pieces together

Tackling your side seams

Pin your side seams together above and below the pocket piece.

Pin the side seams

Start stitching the side seam! As indicated by the dashed line in the above photo, sew from the top, skip out the bit between the placement lines, and then continue your line of stitching right down to the hem edge of the skirt. Make sure you're only sewing together the side seams of the skirt – move that pocket piece right out the way!

Move pocket out of the way at the top

Keep the pocket bag out of the way at the bottom

Joining the pockets

Pin all the way around the curved edge of the pockets and sew together!

Pin the pocket bags together

Sew along the curve of the pocket


Well done! Now we have some good-looking pockets for your skirt. Later this week, we'll move on to gathering and attaching the waistband.

Finished pocket

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