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A warm winter cape

Current fashion trends aside, there is something so timeless and effortlessly chic about the cape. When I unearthed this Burda 7113 sewing pattern, I knew I just had to make one.

Usually I tend to buy fabric on a whim, and think about what to make later. But this was a special project, so I pored over all the beautiful fabrics in the shop, carefully constructing in my mind the image of the perfect cape and measuring everything I came across against the rapidly increasing wondrousness of the cape of my imaginings.

I eventually decided on a deep green Melton for the exterior, yielding to a vibrant scarlet floral for the lining. Nothing like a practical brushed wool to keep the chill at bay, concealing the joy of summery goodness within.

Burda sewing pattern

So in a snip, I was off! The pattern is gleefully straightforward to construct, offering just the right amount of tailoring and structure to be elegant, while still being easy enough to sew. Deep darts over the collarbones shape the cape beautifully, and the standing collar is the kind of detail that elevates the garment to something really special.

Constructing the cape

It's these kind of details that take this cape from mere shawl to elegant outerwear. It's a jacket without the hassle, while never compromising on style.

Highly recommended for a bit of winter stitching! The pattern is also great for petite sizes. I'm of a rather diminutive stature, so the shorter length capelet suits the smaller proportioned. I was so looking forward to a cold snap so that my cape could make its first public appearance. Fortunately, or unfortunately for the less winter-inclined among us, it didn't take long. Here are some snaps of the new cape!

Cape front

Cape lining

Back of cape