Sparrow sewalong: setting the straps

Setting the straps and finishing touches

We're just about ready to, ahem, wrap up this sewalong! Last time we went over making our waist ties, and today we're going to set the straps before adding the finishing touches.



Turn your bodice inside out. From the inside, slip the straps into the gaps in the apexes of the bodice. Be careful not to twist the straps!


Everyone's measurements are different, so before you stitch the straps in place, it's a good idea to pin them in place and try on the dress. The strap length is generous, so don't be afraid to snip off what you don't need. 


Stitch in place from the inside before turning right-side-out.



Press the seam allowances at the waist attachment seam up onto the inside of the bodice. Fold the remaining seam allowance on the lining to the inside. Pin in place all the way along, with the lining slightly, and evenly, overlapping the seam.


From the right side of the garment, 'stitch in the ditch' from the edge of one front bodice, across the back bodice, and over to the edge of the other front bodice. By sewing directly into the waist attachment seam, you will secure the lining that you just overlapped on the inside.


A neat finish on the inside requires some pretty accurate pinning and careful sewing. Once you're done, check to make sure you have neatly caught all the lining. Personally, I find this method takes some time to master – in fact I still don't think I've got it down. My inside finish is still a little wiggly! If I have a bit of time, I actually prefer to slipstitch the lining closed by hand, but the net effect is all the same, really.


Finally, top stitch around the gap that you left in the side seam to keep it stable. 



You did it! I did it! We made our Sparrow wraps! Here's a quick snap of mine on the back of the studio door. 


I can't wait to take this dress out for drinks! The velvet is so soft and luxurious, and the drape of the dress still works really well despite the choice of fabric. I will definitely do another post with more pictures of this Sparrow in action. 

I hope you have enjoyed sewing together and I can't wait to see all your wonderful creations.

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