Cali sewalong: finishing your dress

Wrapping up

All that’s left to do on your dress is the hem! I’m a little old-school, as I find the best finish is most often achieved by hand. Here’s how. 



Fold the lower edge of your hem up by 1cm. Press in place with a warm iron. 

Fold your hem in once again so that the raw edge is enclosed. Press in place. 

Using slipstitch (just as we did to finish the armhole), secure the folded hem to the main skirt fabric with tiny, alternating stitches.



You made it! The Cali dress sewalong is a wrap! I hope you have had loads of fun and learnt a bit along the way too. We’d love to see your makes, please do share with us on InstagramTwitter or Facebook using the hashtags #calisewalong #calidress and #afternoonpatterns