The Afternoon hat

The Afternoon hat is a basic bucket hat shape, fully lined and ready for a trip outdoors!

My paid PDF patterns were discontinued in April 2021, but the free bucket hat pattern is still here! I’ve just moved it to a more permanent home on the blog.

Download the free hat pattern >>


I see sewing as a beautiful way to get in touch with what it means to make something. The feel of the fabric, the assembly of parts, the hum of the machine – these are the experiences that bring us connection with our clothing.


Inspired by classic silhouettes, each sewing pattern is carefully crafted, and designed to take you through each step of learning how to make your own clothes. With each pattern, I hope to bring the love of sewing to a new generation of makers.

“Easy and fun! Instructions were clear and it came out great.”

– Maille, on the Lyra top

“These shorts turned out so cute!!! Pattern instructions were super clear which made this a frustration free sewing project.”

– Jenna, on the Fern shorts

“Such a cute little brooch – I’m delighted.”

– Janet, on the ‘Self Made Woman’ pin